André wrote «Te fuiste» and was musical director, arranger and singer of the song recorded in White Lemon Studios.
As a composer for visual media, André was part of a beautiful children TV show  called «Cuentitos Mágicos» that teaches kids good values to coexist in society. One of the characters’ song called «Frailejón Ernesto Pérez » went viral on TikTok Colombia getting more than 3M views and 2M on YouTube.
This episode has two parts
Part I: Music by Carlos Correa
Part II: Music by Carlos Correa and Voice by André 
All lyrics by Natus Petro
Besides her performance career, André enjoys writing for different types of ensembles like Big Bands, Orchestras, different genre bands like pop, rock, funk bands, Colombian music and more
André has dived into production more and more over the years. She has produced and arranged covers, tracks in different generes and songs for other artists.