Colombian singer, composer, producer and arranger. André immerses herself in the exploration of rhythms such as hip hop, jazz, funk, R&B, house and rock, fused with rhythms from her hometown located in Colombia, creating a refreshing, innovative world sound with Latin roots.
Growing up surrounded by music, André becomes a multi instrumentalist and singer performing at  several national stages in Colombia.
André recorded her first album at age 12 as a gift for her family. In 2015, with her band Andrealzate & The Moods came the second self-titled album and finally, finding her own road and style, she composes and arranges two songs and releases her first double single “Quizás … Como un tigre” under her own name.
Since then, she has released a couple singles and performed in different stages with her project, re-discovering her sound everyday and growing as an artist.
André is not only a multi-talented performer but also producer, arranger and conductor graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music with a double major in Contemporary Writing and Production, Voice performance and a minor in Conducting with a «Magna Cum Laude» distinction in May 2022.
She is constantly collaborating with different artists and keeps finding innovating ways to create.